Highlights of St. Petersburg, Russia

My travels have provided me the opportunity to experience more than 60 amazing countries and cultures.  A friend recently challenged me to try and provide a visual summary of one of my trips in a five minute or less ‘tour.’  [I am not sure but think the motivation was so they did not have to sit through one of my Blu-ray shows, that often run about an hour or so production…]

At any rate, I thought it an interesting challenge, and this is my first response.

This is an overview tour of highlights from St. Petersburg, Russia.  As you come in from the sea, you past the Lenin era massive housing projects.  While these buildings are showing their age, there is new construction of equally massive housing going up nearby.  The city is comprised of stunning buildings lining the streets along the Neva River central waterway.  Next stop is the ornate Cathedral of Peter and Paul.  On from there to the opera house for Swan Lake.  Next is Catherine’s palace followed by the State Hermitage Museum.  This magnificent museum has your head swiveling in an attempt to take it all in- the magnificent palace easy ‘competes’ with its rooms that house amazing art works.  Hope you enjoy! (It may take a couple of seconds for the slideshow to load)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please feel free to comment.  I may even be encouraged and do more ‘mini’ tours!

2 thoughts on “Highlights of St. Petersburg, Russia

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