InSight: an understanding of the true nature of something.

Welcome to my blog. While ‘insight’ implies an understanding of the true nature of something, as a photojournalist there is the additional element or lens, so to speak, of perception. The intent of my blog is to present images and ideas from my perception, and elicit your thoughts based on your perception.

When I take a photograph, more times than not, the object has characteristics that almost dictate the composition, lighting and impact. These automatically are shaped by my perception and this results in the story you see in the image.

Sometimes you will see the same story I do, while other times your perception results in seeing something quite different. Hopefully you’ll find some of these interesting and share your thoughts.

Most of the content I will be adding will be based on images. However, once in a while I will put up a dialog I have had with an individual who has shared their perceptions and in doing so has allowed me to gain some insight into their world.

I look forward to your comments.  Thank you!

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