A Visual Taste of Italy: Lombardy & Tuscany Regions

Perspectives of a globe trotting photojournalist part 2

As with part 1, Highlights of St Petersburg, https://insight.daumphotography.com/2016/11/17/highlights-of-st-petersburg-russia/ this is another response to the challenge of providing a mini-tour of one of my trips.

This is an al dente tour (that is, hopefully not too short nor too long to adequately provide a ‘just-right’ taste) of the Italian regions of Tuscany (central Italy) and Lombardy (northern Italy).  It begins at the Ligurian Sea west of Pisa, continues up to the magnificent mansion on Isola Bella, north of Milan.  Then onto Milan and the Duomo. Next some countryside and wine tasting. Followed by Pisa.  Back to the coast for Cinque Terre, some more wine tasting and the countryside around Peccioli.

I hope you enjoy!  Looking forward to your comments.  Ciao!

4 thoughts on “A Visual Taste of Italy: Lombardy & Tuscany Regions

  1. What gorgeous photos Jeff! A lovely tour Of Lombardy and Tuscany. I guess there would be no lines there today. Keep in good health!

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    • Thanks very much Margery! Yes, sadly, there would be no lines. Hopefully Italy, along with the rest of the world, will soon be on the mend.
      Good health to you as well.


  2. Jeff – what a stunning journey. Love your blog approach – diverse, inviting and up close with the experience! I also shared this one on Pinterest in my great locations for photographers.

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