Too many electronic chargers to keep straight? Time to get a FLEDGING Spruce® all-in-one Charger

If you are like me, as you accumulated personal electronic devices like your phone, ear buds, laptop, smart watch, etc., you ended up with a gaggle of chargers.

In many cases the chargers were designed to work with a specific device and therefore have a different end (C, micro usb, Lightning) and item specific voltage output.   When you took a trip, you had to remember to bring each one.

This brings us to the FLEDGING Spruce® all-in-one Charger, supplied to me by their Head of Marketing for review.[1]  The Spruce is a compact charger unit capable of charging up to five devices simultaneously, quickly, and all at the proper voltage.

By my measurements the unit is 4.33”x3.15”x1.89” (110.2mm x 80.1mm x 48.1mm) and weighs 1lb 0.8 oz. (475g).  It comes standard with the country specific power cord (type A, C or G) you select when ordering, a C to C cable, soft carry case and instructions.

Designed in the USA, the unit is manufactured in China.  It lists for USD 124.99 on their website.[2]

The fit, finish and quality of build is excellent.

The compact unit has a phone or tablet wireless charging pad on top that can be used flat or raised up to 70 degrees, 3 USB C and 1 USB A ports on the side.

On the back of the unit is a schematic showing the relative outputs in wattage for each of the ports. 

The Spruce is powered by a GaN (Gallium Nitride) semi-conductor with software that provides the appropriate wattage for each plugged in device.

Included with my Spruce was FLEDGING new magnetic power cable.  This very clever cable has a male USB A connector on one end and a magnetic port on the other that accepts interchangeable connectors of either C, Lightning or micro USB.  Additionally, the cord has magnetic rings on it so that it coils and holds to itself when not stretched out.

I was informed that this FLEDGING new magnetic power cable will available later this year as an optional addon to the Spruce.

Field Test:

You will find the instruction manual is not necessary, since all you need to do is plug in the power cord and your respective cords to your electronic devices and/or place your phone or tablet on the charging pad and you are good to go.

I used it to simultaneously charge an iPhone, iPad, 2 sets of ear buds, and laptop.  The Spruce remained cool and charged each of the 5 electronic items to 100% as quickly as their individual rapid or quick chargers normally do.  Simple, highly efficient and eliminates all the respective chargers as well as having to find either 5 available outlets or the use of a multi-outlet power strip.

The compactness of the unit can’t be beat versus having five individual chargers.  Now you might be wondering about the fact it weighs in a about a pound or 475 grams.  Sure, that is more than a single phone charger weighs, but when you put all the respective five chargers (phone, laptop, tablet, ear bud, etc.) you would need together, you will find they will be close to a pound or 475 grams or even more, in total weight.

Conclusion The FLEDGING Spruce is a welcome solution to simultaneously charging multiple electronic units from one source. Very well designed and constructed with easy functionality. 

It earns 5 out of a possible 5


[1][For my reviews of other FLEDGING products see ]

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