I can see clearly now: iTEKT Nano Ceramic Coating for Windshields

Jeff Daum, Ph.D., PPA

Technology & Product Analyst

One of the individuals I met at the 2021 AAPEX/SEMA convention was Dean Martin- no not the singer via hologram nor a Vegas impersonator, but Dean Martin, President of iTEKT, a Canadian company specializing in nano ceramic coatings for windshields.

Dean is highly exuberant about his iTEKT nano product which purports to offer:

  • Water repellent up to one year
  • Helps to repel dirt, snow, ice and insects
  • Improved visibility during harsh weather conditions
  • Easy 15-minute application
  • Flawless, streak-free finish [1]

The kit sells for CAN$49.95 with free shipping.  It contains a small container of Cerium used sparingly to remove any grease, wax or silicone-based products from the windshield; a 12mL vile of cleaner along with a blue application cloth; a 12mL vile of Protector (Nano Ceramic) along with another blue application cloth; an orange microfiber finishing cloth; and an instruction sheet.

Included on the instruction sheet as well as on the box, is a scannable QR code that takes you to application videos.

[1] https://itekt.com/


The process is straight forward.  You first use the Cerium if you have any grease, wax or silicone-based products from the windshield by using “2 pinches” of the Cerium powder on a dampened blue cloth.  Then you rinse your windshield with hot water.

You follow this by decontaminating the windshield using the cleaner in vile #1 and a blue cloth.  Next wipe dry with the microfiber cloth.

Now be sure that your windshield is dry and warm 30-40 degrees C or 86-104 degrees F.  You can do this by several means: run your defroster on high, use a hair dryer or set your vehicle in direct sunlight (in warmer climates).

Now apply 3 thin layers of the Protector from bottle #2.  Pour 2mL (0.07 US oz) on the blue wipe and spread it over half of your windshield for 30 seconds until the wipe is dry.  Repeat two more times the same way on that part of the windshield.  Next, do the same 3 thin layers of the Protector from bottle #2 on the other half of your windshield.

Finally wipe the entire windshield with the microfiber cloth, using downward pressure.  As you do it you should hear some static crackles as you wipe the entire windshield with pressure.

Depending on environmental conditions, Dean said the treatment should last 6 months to a year.


I applied three thin layers of the iTEKT Nano Ceramic to my BMW following the clear instructions after prepping the windshield.   And, yes, I did hear static crackles on the final wipe 😊.

I took it on a 2500 mile trip that included lots of rain, dew, suicidal bugs, dirt and some road debris (small gravel). 

The iTEKT did a superb job of having light rain bead up and off the windshield and made for very clean sweeps of heavier rain using the windshield washers.

After each day’s drive (that is ones without rain), the suicidal bugs were easily removed from the windshield using a water dampened microfiber cloth.

Unfortunately, the claim of “20% superior shatter and scratch resistance” did not seem to hold up.  My windshield suffered several small scratches caused by road debris (presumed to be small pebbles kicked up by vehicles in front) and one chip with nickel-sized cracks.


The iTEKT Nano Ceramic is relatively easy to apply to a windshield.  It does enhance the glass’s ability to shed water and make it easy to remove smashed bugs even after leaving them on the windshield until the end of a day’s drive.

From an anecdotal standpoint, the claim of “20% superior shatter and scratch resistance” was not substantiated.  While it could have been coincidental rather than a case of causality, my windshield suffered several small nick scratches and one small chip with spider cracks on the outer surface of the windshield.  Fortunately, this is only the second chip with spider cracks I have had over many years of driving fifty plus vehicles.  Of note, there were no paint chips on the hood, fenders, or mirror caps during this same trip.

Bottom line, iTEKT Nano Ceramic appears to really help repel water and make bug splatter easier to remove but did not seem to provide superior shatter and scratch resistance to the windshield.

Rated: 3 out of 5 on the effectiveness scale.

All rights reserved © Dr Jeff Daum 2021-2

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